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Nuinsco Resources Limited
80 Richmond St. W., 18th Floor
Toronto, Ontario M5H 2A4 
Tel: 416.626.0470
Fax: 416.626.0890

Nuinsco Resources
Sean Stokes, VP Corporate Affairs and Corporate Secretary

Tel: 416.626.0470
Fax: 416.626.0890
CHF Investor Relations

Cathy Hume, CEO
Tel: 416 868 1079 ext.231
Fax: 416.868.6198



Tel: 1.800.564.6253

80 Richmond St. W., 18th Floor Toronto, Ontario M5H 2A4      Tel: 416.626.0470    Fax: 416.626.0890       Copyright © 2012 Nuinsco Resource Limited
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